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For Young Ladies

5 Things Marriage Has Taught Me

What is Marriage? A new marriage is like a blank page staring at you. It’s ready for you to write your story on it. Its new, fresh and the beginning of something so beautiful only if we allow God to... Continue Reading →


Saved and Battling with Depression – 5 Practices to Help Overcome Depression

I battled with depression for many years of my life. I was embarrassed to talk about it in fear of judgment. The truth is, everyone at one point or another has struggled with a form of depression. Depression is described... Continue Reading →

3 Qualities of a Godly Woman + How to Prepare For God’s Best

Marriage was far from Ruth’s mind because she had not too long lost her husband. She was broken and wanted to hold on to the only sense of normalcy she had which was her mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth was a Moabite,... Continue Reading →

Know Your Worth – 5 things Every Single Woman Should Know

You are a beautiful woman who has been carefully designed and handcrafted by God. You are valuable to Christ and the Kingdom of God, you are special and chosen by the very hands of God as stated in Deuteronomy 7:6... Continue Reading →

3 Things You Must Do When Your Faith is Tested

January 2013 started out as a rough year for me and my husband. We lost our first child due to a miscarriage and three months later we received a letter from our Landlord telling us she was not renewing the... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 31 Woman – A Woman Who Invest

The word invest is derived from a Latin word which means to clothe. According to Webster dictionary it also means to furnish with power or authority, to grant someone control or authority over and to completely cover. This article will... Continue Reading →

Embracing Your Season of Singleness – May 2015

You are a beautiful gem created by the very hands of God. You are special (Deuteronomy 7:6) in eyes of your creator. You are fearfully and wonderfully made as stated in Psalms 139:14. You are not what others say you... Continue Reading →

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