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May 2016

4 Ways to Delete the Junk in Your Life – Latest article on

Every day I get nearly 200 emails in my spam box.  I spend a few minutes each day deleting the spam mail.  Today I had an “aha” moment, what if I unsubscribe from all the junk mail individually? That way... Continue Reading →


Watch “BOC Interview and Nathan Mellix” on YouTube

As you all may know by now,  I'm a huge fan of this group called BOC (Body of Christ). I absolutely love their music because it's real, relevant and most importantly it glorifies God! I am so blessed to call... Continue Reading →

Latest Review – This Is Winter Jam Movie

For one night only on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 moviegoers everywhere were able to witness Winter Jam for the first time on the big screen. This is Winter Jam was one of the most intriguing documentaries I've ever seen! Click here... Continue Reading →

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