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March 2016

Join Me Tonight (March 28) 8pm EST

Tonight I have the honor of being one of the facilitators for the Club 31 Conference Call. I am asking all ladies to join me on the call tonight, Monday, March 28, 2016 at 8pm EST, as we discuss what... Continue Reading →


Best Video Ever! Must See Video of Mom and Daughter

Christy James had no idea when she was filming this video clip last year that this would be her last video with her daughter on Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Lilah passed away on March 2, 2016. This joyful and heart... Continue Reading →

Building your husband up: 10 ways to show appreciation

I recently saw a short video clip on social media of Ayesha Curry (wife of NBA star, Stephen "Steph" Curry) do something so remarkable to her husband, that it surprised everyone around him. Her husband’s basketball team had just lost... Continue Reading →

Embracing Sisterhood

The Webster dictionary describes the word embrace as to accept, to cherish and to encircle. Sisterhood does not only mean a fellowship between blood sisters, but anyone in which you share a bond or a connection. Sisterhood could also be... Continue Reading →

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