January 2013 started out as a rough year for me and my husband. We lost our first child due to a miscarriage and three months later we received a letter from our Landlord telling us she was not renewing the lease to the home we were renting because she decided to move back in. We only had three months to find a new home. We were devastated. What were we to do? We begin looking for a home and getting ourselves prepared to move out. It seemed like every door kept shutting in our face.  God began to take us through what I call, “A Journey of Faith” so we could trust Him more through the various tests and trials we went through. Before He could use us for His glory, there were things in our lives particularly mine, that had to change. This process brought about deliverance from mindsets, attitudes, behavior and thoughts that weren’t reflective of God. There were three major things we had to do in order for God to move in our lives.

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