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*My First Published Book Now Available* “Seasons of a Woman’s Life: Devotionals to Empower Women to Become Overcomers”

I am truly blessed by the overwhelming response I have already received on the release of my new book, "Seasons of a Woman's Life: Devotionals to Empower Women to become Overcomers" with a Foreword by: Joann Rosario Condrey. Please purchase... Continue Reading →

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Latest Article : 5 Ways to Make Each Day A Great Day

Some days I feel like I’m on top of the world and other days I feel like the world is on top of me. When I stop and think about it, I realize it’s just a decision. I am just... Continue Reading →

Blog: Encouragement 

It's been on my spirit to say this publicly. Please remember we can not allow the enemy to stop us from living the life God intends for us to have because "life happens" (things that happened beyond our control). I... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview Video with Newsboys, Michael Tait and Producer Kevin Downes at KLOVE Fan Awards 2016

Check out my exclusive Red Carpet Interview with Michael Tait of the Newsboys and Actor/Producer, Kevin Downes at the KLOVE Fan Awards in 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. Click Here to Watch

Blog: Sorry I’m not that “Perfect Christian”

We live in a society where a Christian is put on such a high pedestal that it's impossible for them to be imperfect. Christians are expected act a certain way, to always have a smile on their face and live... Continue Reading →

*New Article* 5 Ways to Let Go and Let God

If you have been struggling with a situation and can’t seem to find peace in your situation, Here are 5 Ways to Let Go and Let God: Stop Trying to figure it out – “Trust in the Lord with all... Continue Reading →

*New Article* 3 Ways to Keep your Enemies from Controlling your Life

"You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings." - Psalms 23:5 NLT Imagine being the guest of honor at a huge celebration.... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace Big Bro!

My brother, Christopher Edwards Jr., passed away on Saturday February 25, 2017 due to a tragic car accident. He will always be in my heart forever! Please watch and share his powerful message on Sacrifice that he recorded on October... Continue Reading →

5 Major Signs You Are Spiritually Dehydrated

There are five major signs to warn us that we maybe spiritually dehydrated: 1) The Desire to seek counsel from those who are not saved: We are encouraged in the word of God not to seek counsel from the ungodly... Continue Reading →

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